Angel Island, 2007
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Angel Island, 2007
U.S. Army Angel Island Post Cemetery (Site)
Angel Island State Park
Marin County, California

     U.S. Army Post Cemetery, Angel Island, 1863-1947. The small cemetery on the west side of the island contained the remains of 143 people. At the closing of the U.S. Army base on Angel Island after World War II, the remains were moved to Golden Gate National Cemetery in San Bruno, California. For information on the remains moved to San Bruno, please see this Website.
     Almost all of the island is now a state park. Access is by Angel Island-Tiburon Ferry from Tiburon, California.

Camp Reynolds, Church, and Cemetery
     Camp Reynolds in its early years, the church, and the fenced cemetery in the background. Photo from Images of America, Angel Island, by Branwell Fanning and William Wong, Arcadia Publishing, 2006.

Angel Island Map

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