USS Vincennes, 1840 Sailors' Cemetery Site
Fort Baker, Marin County, California

Old Grave Yards...
     Some distance south of old Saucelito, on the brow of a hill overlooking the bay, there is an enclosure about forty feet square containing, perhaps, a dozen graves of seamen, two of whom have headstones which tell their story as follows :--

To the Memory of
A Seaman of the U.S.SHIP
"Vincennes" Born in London, England, 1820, who
Was drowned in Saucelito bay
August 27, 1850, aged thirty years
This tombstone was erected by his
Shipmates, though his body's under
Hatches, his soul has gone aloft.
Black Cross
In Memory of
A native of Queenstown,
Who died
August 29, 1855, aged eighteen years,
By falling from aloft
On board H.M.S.
Erected by the Ship's Company.

leaf Source ::
     History of Marin County, California, &c., by J.P. Munro-Fraser, Historian, Alley Bowen & Co., 1880, page 390, Saucelito Township. Republished 1972 by Charmaine Burdell Veronda, Petaluma, California.