St. Vincent's Chapel St. Vincent's School for Boys
San Rafael, Marin County, California
     Once a Gold Rush orphanage, the school is now a non-profit residential treatment center for troubled and abused boys.
     The Christian Brothers ran the school from 1894 to 1920. We are told that there are graves of eight Christian Brothers in a small cemetery which is high on a hill, between two oak trees, and that the cemetery has a wonderful view overlooking the school. The graves bore wood crosses at one time. The names of the deceased Brothers are not known at the school. The little cemetery is not open to the public. The exact location of the cemetery is not known to us. We were told that some control burning was done this year, 2007, on the side of the hill the cemetery. Below are photographic images of the highest hill and some burning is apparent. At the very top is a flat circular area which would make an excellent place for a small cemetery, however, we can not overlook the possibility that the circular area was the base for a now removed water tank. There is a second smaller hill directly north of the school complex.
     According to a school official (2007), there were six boys who had died at the school during its 152 year history. We are told, three of the boys died in the early 1900's during a diphtheria epidemic. Their remains were buried at in Colma, California, probably Holy Cross Cemetery. Since Holy Cross Cemetery open in 1887, any child who died at St. Vincent's School before that date would have been buried elsewhere, possibly in the now removed Mt. Calvary Cemetery in San Francisco, or even on the school's property.
     At St. Vincent's School, protection of the boys is paramount. Some areas of the school are open to the public but not the areas the boys use. Check in at Reception if you want to see the public areas.
     St. Vincent's School for Boys has doing good work for over a century and a half. It needs your kind support.

Public Areas
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St. Vincent's Road Sign Path to Reception California Historical Plaque
Highest Hilltop
Telephoto view of highest 
hill showing 2007 burn. USGS Aerial View of St. Vincents. Telephoto view of highest hill.
Telephoto view of highest 
hilltop showing 2007 burn.
School Location Map

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