The Sausalito News, July 23, 1885
Cemetery Meeting, 3:3

From microfilm, Sausalito Public Library

The Sausalito News
July 23, 1885, 3:3



   Another meeting of citizens for the furtherance of the cemetery project was held at Workman's Hall on Friday evening last. Some fifteen or twenty representative men of the town were present. The special object of the meeting was to hear the report of the committee appointed at a previous meeting to canvass the community in the interests of a public cemetery. Four members of the committee reported individually, that it be generally understood that the Land Company would not carry out the proposition made by one of its members at the last meeting, it was useless to solicit subscriptions. Therefore nothing definite had been accomplished. Mr. J.E. Slinkey the chairman of the meeting stated that he had received, in writing, a new proposal from the Land Company which he thought more definite and satisfactory than any they had previously made. The company offered to sell five acres of the proposed site for a cemetery for $1,500 cash and would donate $500 of that sum to the enterprise, leaving but $1,000 to be raised by the citizens.
   Mr. George, the agent for the Land Company being present stated that his company did not feel inclined to take care and responsibility of a cemetery on its hands, but would aid the project a reduction in the price of a site.
   Mr. Hannon did not like the site selected on account of its distance from town. He suggested a locality a mile nearer as being better in many respects.
   Mr. Furlong stated that at first he was opposed to the location decided upon for several reasons, but as it seemed to be the only tract obtainable from the Company it was better to accept it than to have no cemetery.
   Messrs. Slinkey, Furlong, Lawrence, Jenningson, Loriane and others spoke in favor of incorporating as a Cemetery Association. It was thought that it would be necessary to raise about $2,000 with which to purchase a site, fence the tract, lay out the grounds and suitably improve them.
   Mr. George, and Mr. Jenningson were appointed a committee to procure copies of the by-laws, rules, regulation, etc., by which the city cemeteries are managed, also a copy of the special legislative act governing Cemetery Corporations.
   It has been decided to form a corporation and place a hundred shares on the market at $20 per share which will entitle each shareholder to a lot 15x20--large enough for 10 or 12 graves--beside holding an interest in the balance of the cemetery. Officers will soon be elected and lists furnished for those of our citizens wishing to subscribe.
   Adjourned to meet at the call of the chair.


1. Sausalito Land and Ferry Company.


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