The Sausalito News, May 8, 1891, 3:5
New Sausalito Cemetery Authorized, 1891

From microfilm, Sausalito Public Library
Sausalito Cemetery (1)

   The petition for the removal of the burial place from its present locality (2) was submitted to the Board of the S.L. and F. Co.(3) at its last meeting with the following results.
   The Board had already decided that the present location is too close to premises now occupied, or that will be occupied in the near future by resident families, and had selected a site in the opinion of the Board--more suitable in very many respects and not subject to the objection, sure to be made by near by residents, to the present locality, who eventually would demand its removal as has been the case in San Francisco and elsewhere.
   The company intends making a cemetery on the proposed site suitable, desirable and lasting as well as ornamental.
   It is only taking advantage of the experience of other communities in placing it at the outset far enough away from dwelling places to insure that it shall not be disturbed or the necessity arise for its removal, as our population increases.
   The site will be shortly enclosed with a substantial fence, walkways and driveways made, trees planted and other requisite work for use, and ornament done. Roads of approach will be opened, which will give three main routes of access. viz: by the county road and Cayote creek route to the foot of the cemetery hill; by Alta Avenue, via the streets of town and Spencer avenue, along the crest of the hill, to the upper part of the site; or by Rodeo avenue, past the present burial place to Alta avenue and thence to the cemetery.
   Lots of sizes to suit all requiring them will be laid out and distinctly marked and defined, and will be sold at reasonable rates. The company intends to devote most of the proceeds of the sales to the improvement and beautifying of the grounds, so that not only our own residents, but those from other communities wanting a resting place for their dead, will seek the Sausalito Cemetery for the purpose.


1. Now known as Forever Fernwood Cemetery, in Marin County, south of the City of Mill Valley. Located at 301 Tennessee Valley Road on Coyote Creek.
2. Sunny Hill Cemetery, Rodeo Ave. near Alta Ave.
3. S.L. and F. Co.: Sausalito Land and Ferry Company, formed 1868.


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