The Sausalito News, April 23, 1885, 3:2
Sausalito, California.
Memoriam for Francis Marion Emile Slinkey
Age, 19 months, 18 days.
Burial at Sunny Hill Cemetery, Sausalito
From microfilm, Sausalito Public Library
The Sausalito News
The Sausalito News
Frank J. Burns, Editor
Thursday, April 23
Francis M.E. Slinkey

"Suffer little children to come unto me for of such is the kingdom of heaven."

Respectfully dedicated to Mr. and Mrs. J.E. Slinkey, by F.J.B.

O why this blow so harsh, severe--
This separation from our dear
So young and sweet?
Why now must we his fair form lay
In earth forevermore away--
No more to greet?

And we shall ever miss his smile,
His child-sport and sweet ways the while
Before he left;
And he had made the home so bright,
How dark 'twill be now to our sight
Since we're bereft.

O Death! Why came you on so fast?
Why in your search had you not passed
Our happy hearth?
What could his mission have been here?
A passing sunbeam leaving drear
Where all was mirth.

Ah why give we to Death the blame?
Are Death and God not here the same?
And God knows best:
No fairer angels sing His praise
Than those pure children of few days
He takes to rest.

Howe'er we lavished care and love
'Twas not as great as His above
Who took our boy:
Why should we pine or aught more weep,
Or selfish feel we'd wish to keep
Him from such joy.

His love's not dead 'tis as immortal
As his soul, and from the portal
Of Paradise,
It will descend in blissful prayer,
To comfort us and help us bear
Our sacrifice.

     On last Saturday night the happy spirit of little Emile joined the angels. The sunny eyes were closed in death's calm sleep and the dimpled hands were folded on his breast. No more would the little pet of all be the sunlight of home with his merry sport and prattle. The fond parents and weeping friends must soon lay him to rest under the daisies. The child died of ulcerated sore throat after a sickness of but three days. The funeral services were conducted on Monday afternoon in the "El Monte" parlors, the Rev. Fred W. Reed of Christ (Episcopal) Church officiating. The Church choir sang appropriate hymns. At 2 o'clock the funeral started for Sunny Hill Cemetery where the little one was placed to rest, and the tiny mound covered with floral tributes to his memory.
     A large number of friends of the family and of the society of "Old Friends" of which the little one was the youngest member were present. The Society was represented by President Charles Gough, Col. D. L. Smoot, Judge Thomas H. Lawlor and many others, and a number of the A.O.U.W. Lodge were also present.


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